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We custom design, deliver and install your Perth patio using quality materials including Australian Steel. Colorbond® is manufactured from Australian made BlueScope Steel, which is tested to last under harsh conditions including our Perth heat. Colorbond® comes in a range of colours for your outdoor patio, take a look at our Colorbond® steel patio colour options!

Our patio designs use the best quality materials to ensure your Perth patio lasts. There are many functional and affordable Perth patio options available for installation including gable patios, flat roof patios, skillion patios, carport patios, hip/pyramid patios and dome patios. See below for more info.

Gable Patios

Gable patios are a timeless style of patio, perfect for covering all areas, big or small. Many Perth homes choose a gable patio to create a sense of space with the pitched roof.

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Flat Roof Patios

Flat roof patios are a great design to cover small to medium sized areas. The sleek and simple design is popular throughout Perth and creates functional shaded areas. When designed well, a flat roof patio can be a great choice to add value to your home without blowing the budget.

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Skillion Patios

Skillion patios are great to increase space and create functional entertaining areas. The increased height of a Skillion patio compared to a flat roof patio opens up the space and allows additional light to enter through the polycarbonate infill.

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Carport Patios

If parking space is an issue at home and you’re tired of parking in single file, consider a double carport attached to the front of your house, or free standing. Instantly adds value to your home, maybe some extra room for a boat?

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Hip/Pyramid Patios

Hip end/ pyramid style patios do require more work, but the effort is well worth it when used in the appropriate area as they look great and provide lots of shade in our Perth summer.

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Dome Patios

If Dome patios are a great alternative to gable patios. Another popular choice, always bright and eye catching, domes are a great choice.

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