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JB Patios and Fabrication specialises in quality patio design and affordable DIY patio installation kits.

Quality Perth Patios

With a strong commitment to quality craftsmanship and professional patio installation, JB Patios and Fabrication will work with you to provide the perfect patio for your outdoor space. There are many patio options available for installation including:

About JB Patios

Established by Jay Bunton, an award winning manufacturer with over 15 years industry experience. JB Patios and Fabrication is founded on a strong commitment to quality and exceptional service. 

After winning Apprentice of the Year in 2006, Jay went on to receive high commendation and placing in industry awards. With an extensive background in the patio industry and vehicle body building, Jay’s knowledge and skills reach a broad range of services, which he has extended onto the excelling and well-rounded JB Patios team.

Operating in Perth, JB Patios and Fabrication offers competitive pricing with no compromise of quality. The JB Patios team assists you in meeting your specific needs and helps you with tailored design concepts. Our highly qualified team specialises in servicing home-owners of Perth, with custom built affordable patios which are easy to install and cost effective.

Supporting Australian Companies

Uncompromising in our commitment to using the best materials available, JB Patios and Fabrication is proud to support Australian Companies. We source Australian Steel, which is the highest quality and unrivalled by other imported products.  At JB Patios and Fabrication we share your desire to make your outdoor area the space you’ve been dreaming of, built to last and impressive to the eye!

JB Patios and Fabrications commitment to quality extends to all materials used.

There is NO COMPROMISE to quality ensuring products that are functional and stands the test of time.

Looking for an quality patio for your home?