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DIY Kit Patio Specialists

On a tight budget? JB Patios and Fabrication offer a range of affordable Perth patios for your outdoor space that are easy to install and don’t break the bank. Whether your renovating your backyard or moving into a new home, we have the solution to suit your needs and budget. This page details affordable patios for installation that help a smaller budget without compromising on design or quality. If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, contact our team and we would be please to discuss a solution that works for you and your goals!

Perth Gable Patio - DIY Kits

Gable Patios are often referred to as Peaked Roof Patios as they form a peak at the apex of a roof patio, verandah or carport. Our Gable Patio DIY Kits provide this classic peaked style and are available as a freestanding unit or attached to the home, making them an ideal patio solution for both detached and attached patio covers.

Gable Patio Specials

3 X 6M – $5,940
3 X 8M – $6,798
3 X 10M – $8,085
3 X 12M – $8,910

4 X 6M – $6,798
4 X 8M – $7,645
4 X 10M – $9,141
4 X 12M – $10,197

5 X 6M – $7,975
5 X 8M – $8,910
5 X 10M – $10,560
5 X 12M – $11,539

6 X 6M – $8,679
6 X 8M – $11,264
6 X 10M – $13,134
6 X 12M – $14,333

*All prices inclusive of GST

Perth Flat Roof Patio - DIY Kits​

Flat Roof Patios provide a simple yet practical design with a variety of uses, from carport shelters and path protection to outdoor living and entertaining areas. Our versatile Flat Patio DIY Kits can be configured to cover any area around the home, creating a functional space which will enhance your home and lifestyle.

Flat Roof Patio Specials

3 X 6M – $3,828
3 X 9M – $5,027

4 X 6M – $4,367
4 X 9M – $6,160

5 X 6M – $5,720
5 X 8M – $7,084

6 X 6M – $6,930
6 X 9M – $9,141

*All prices inclusive of GST

Perth's Patio Kit Specialists​

JB Patios and Fabrication offer Perth’s Best Patio Prices! We specialise in Patio Kits, making Perth’s easiest to install DIY Patio Kits.


Pre-cut powdercoated frame

Fully welded and pre-drilled trusses

ColorBond roof sheeting

Tek screws, pop rivets, rafter brackets and bolts

Pre-drilled frame- all bracket spacings ready to go

ColorBond gutters

ColorBond downpipes and flashings

Easy to follow install instructions!

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